wyatt earp on the brain...

what happens when you watch an old cowboy movie about wyatt earp? you get a letter "c" quilt with cowboys and cacti making an appearance, albeit in an abstract way...

not to be contained, this quilt insisted on unfinished edges and a patriotic red, white and blue scheme. go figure, huh?

the alphabet series: c

and, yes, it does look like the "c"s are ready to be branded on the rump of some unsuspecting cow, doesn't it?

poor cow.

: : karen anne

late entry: i'm not at all sure this is going as I thought it would, and i think it's because i had: A PLAN. and: AN IDEA. the critics are back in my head and yammering at me loudly. i'm ready to run back to my fields of rich color and the freedom i normally feel. a change may be in the offing... i mean, i look at the quilt for today and just think "uffda" (that's scandinavian for "oy"). maybe my series are meant to be realized after - not before, huh?


  1. Oh, I so know what you mean! Its so easy to fall into the trap of 'knowing ahead of time' only to find that after the work is finished it isn't 'you' at all. I've done this over and over again -- its a mind game that I hate to play. Just letting it 'become' is my mantra for the coming year. The other problem I have is looking at it at the end and saying 'next time I'll do this or that' - again putting rules and regulations up before I've even begun the next piece. Grrrr!!!!

  2. Penny - it's the pits, no?

    Augh. Frustrating. But the good news is that I truly realize (and see!) what happens when the ego runs amok, and having such a clear lesson is a wonderful way to end the year!

    I've been quiet all day...just listening...and its all in haikus...

    Happy New Year and thank you for all your wonderful comments!