back again...

it's good to be back to my daily practice. i'm just not myself when i can't make it up to the studio. so many things have been pulling at me and keeping me away - and not being able to do my work makes me sad.

i was thinking of that as i headed up the stairs today... my minding wandering between thoughts of being sad when i have to be away and about how sadness differs from sorrow - and the degrees of separation between the two.

: : the space between sadness and sorrow : :

sadness is a passing feeling; something i know will end.

sorrow? it wrenches my gut and stays and stays and stays. it is here. there. everywhere. inescapable.


it is present and past conjoined.

it seems to have its genesis in regret, doesn't it? it feels that way, anyway...

what do you think?

: : karen anne 


  1. hello.
    funny to stumble on this today. i was contemplating the space between regret and remorse just yesterday.

  2. i'm always amazed when somehow i'm led to something that is just like what i was thinking or feeling - so i'm glad you found your way here.