getting twitchy...

my mantra for the day has been: simplify, simplify, simplify.

as in: simplify your artist statement and website. 

(i get all weak-kneed and twitchy just typing that!)

but it needed to be done, so i set to work and i'm pleased with the result.

i wanted the statement to be inclusive and applicable to all my work, not just one medium:

My work explores capturing the essence of a moment; suspending a memory, an idea, or an observation in time and space so that it might be remembered and examined more closely.

I make two- and three-dimensional works as a way of preserving moments that are significant to me. They are quiet reminders of the passage of time. 

I work with a variety of techniques and materials. I draw with thread and perforations as well as with pencil, ink, and paint. I use gloss and matte surfaces, color, embossing, and the raw and torn edges of fabric and paper to define space and form.  I use real and implied references to stitching, quilting, weaving, and mending as metaphors for the connecting the past with the present. 

as far as the website went, i decided to nix the slide show on the front page and just have the three gallery sections instead. no sitting around waiting for images to load and change which i found vaguely irritating. i used to have a section describing my process which was pretty long-winded and addressed only my daily practice which has come to a conclusion - so i nixed that, too. i also deleted all the wordsy stuff at the beginning of each gallery section.

here's a screen capture of the new home page:

now it highlights my work instead of my (what has been described as) "lyrical prose".


i'll do "lyrical" on valentine's day instead, okay?

: : karen anne

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